Living a life full of positive affirmations

As a continuation to my previous articles (Part 1 and Part 2) about positive efficient affirmations, please find below, more excerpts from the book of 21 Days to Master Affirmations. I find them very helpful, influencing your life in good and positivity. In this hectic life, we need a moment to realize just how simple and easy it is to change your thoughts. Yet, hard to put into practice.

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Affirmations for Self-esteem

One of the barriers to allowing positive affirmations to work is feeling “not good enough”—that is, you feel that you don’t deserve to have good in your life. Below is a list of self-esteem affirmations. I’d like you to see how many of them you can memorize, and then repeat them often. Doing so will help change that “worthless” feeling you might be carrying around, to one of self-worth. Then watch your positive affirmations materialize.

I choose to feel good about myself.
I stand on my own two feet. I accept and use my own power.
I am totally adequate for all situations.

It does not matter what other people say or do.

What matters is how I choose to react and what I choose to believe about myself.
I see the world through eye of love and acceptance. All is well in my world.
My self-esteem is high because I honor who I am.
I deserve all that is good.
My life gets more fabulous every day. I look forward to what each new hour brings.

I am neither too little nor too much, and I do not have to prove myself to anyone.
For every problem that I may create, I am confident that I can find a solution.
Life supports me in every possible way.
Imove through life and know that I am safe—divinely protected and guided.
I accept others as they are; and they, in turn, accept me.
I am wonderful, and I feel great. I am grateful for my life.
I have the self-esteem, power, and confidence to move forward in life with ease.

“The more tenaciously I hold on to an old belief when I say I want to make a change, the more I know this is an important one for me to release.”

Affirmations for Change

Be willing to allow the changes to happen when they come up in your life. Be aware that where you do not want to change is exactly the area where
you need to change the most.
The Universal Intelligence is always responding to your thoughts and words. Things will definitely begin to change as you make these statements.

Changes can begin in this moment.

I am willing to see how and where I need to change.
Life brings me only good experiences.

I am open to new and wonderful changes.
I release any limitations based on old negative thoughts.

I joyfully look forward to the future.
I am safe in the world. I am comfortable with change and growth.
I give myself the green light to go ahead and to joyously embrace the new.
Freedom and change are in the air. I discard old ideas.
I feel reborn.

I am free from the past, and I joyously welcome the new.
I open my consciousness to the expansion of life.

There is plenty of space for me to grow and change.
Every change in my life can lift me to a new level of understanding.
It is always easy for me to adapt and change. I am flexible and flowing.
I feel safe in the rhythm and flow of ever-changing life.
Every moment presents a wonderful new opportunity to become more of who I am.
I allow change to occur without resistance or fear. I am free.
I am aware that what I do not want to change is exactly what I need to change the most.
Everyone changes and I allow change in everyone.”

Affirmations for Letting Go of the Past

Make these affirmations part of your daily routine. Say them often in the car, at work, while looking in the mirror, or anytime you feel your negative
beliefs surfacing.

The past is over and cannot be changed. This is the only moment I can experience.
I now choose to release every negative, destructive, fearful idea and thought from my mind and my life.
It is healing to show my emotions. It is safe for me to be vulnerable.
I release the need to blame anyone, including myself.

My heart is open. I am willing to release all resistance.
I now release anger in positive ways.

I love and appreciate myself.
I move beyond old limitations and now express myself freely and creatively.
I am willing to release the need to be unworthy.

I am becoming all that I am destined to be.
It is safe for me to go beyond my parents’ limitations. I am free to be me.
I release all struggle now, and I am at peace.
I release any limitations based on old, negative thoughts. I joyfully look forward to the future.

I say “Out!” to every negative thought about the past that comes into my mind.
I release any feelings of competition or comparison from the past.”
“One of our biggest spiritual lessons is to understand that everyone is doing the best they can at any given moment.

People can only do so much
with the understanding, awareness, and knowledge that they have”.

“Affirmations for Forgiveness

This is a new moment. I am free to let go.
I take responsibility for my own life. I am free.
I learn to forgive and release. Inner peace is my goal.

I am grown up now, and I take loving care of my inner child.
I forgive others, and I now create my life in the way I wish it to be.
My spiritual growth is not dependent on others.
Forgiving makes me feel free and light.
I release myself from prison. I am safe and free.
It is empowering to forgive and let go.
There is no right or wrong. I move beyond my judgment.
I am willing to go beyond my own limitations.
My parents treated me in the way they had been treated. I forgive them—and their parents, too.
I refuse to limit myself. I am always willing to take the next step.
I give myself permission to let go.”

“Affirmations for Loving Yourself

I am worthy of my own love.
I am loved and accepted exactly as I am, right here and right now.
My consciousness is filled with healthy, positive loving thoughts that reflect themselves in my experience.
The greatest gift I can give myself is unconditional love.
I no longer wait to be perfect in order to love myself.
I love myself exactly as I am.
I look terrific and feel terrific.

Here I am world—open and receptive to all good!
Love is the miracle cure. Loving myself works miracles in my life.
I see myself as beautiful, lovable, and appreciated.

I am proud to be me.
I know that before others will love me, I have to love myself.

My self-love begins now.
I am gentle, kind, and patient with myself. Those around me reflect this tender care.
I am the most important person in my life.
I look within to find my treasures.
I am now willing to see my own beauty and magnificence.
I love who I am, and reward myself with thoughts of praise”

“Affirmations for Creativity

I release all resistance to expressing my creativity fully.
I create easily and effortlessly when I let my thoughts come from the loving space of my own heart.
I do something new or at least different—every day.
There is ample time and opportunity for creative expression in whatever area I choose.
My family totally supports me in fulfilling my dreams.
All of my creative projects bring me great satisfaction.
I know that I can create miracles in my life.
I feel good expressing myself in all sorts of creative ways.

I am my own unique self: special, creative, and wonderful.
My potential is unlimited.
I am a joyous, creative expression of life.
My innate creativity surprises and delights me.
I am a clear thinker and I express myself with ease.
I give myself permission to be creatively fulfilled.
My talents are in demand, and my unique gifts are appreciated by those around me.”

“You’re in your current job because of things you believed in the past. You drew it to you by your thinking. Perhaps you learned your attitude toward work from your parents. No matter—you can change your thinking now. So bless with love your boss, your co-workers, the location, the building, the elevators or stairs, the offices, the furniture, and each and every customer. This creates a loving mental atmosphere within you, and the entire environment will respond to it.
Thoughts can be changed, and situations can be changed as well. That boss whom we find intolerable could become our champion. That dead-end position with no hope of advancement may open up to a new career full of possibilities. The co-worker who is so annoying might turn out to be, if not a friend, at least someone who’s easier to get along with. The salary that we find insufficient can increase in the twinkle of an eye. We could find a wonderful new job. There are an infinite number of channels if we can change our thinking. Let’s open ourselves up to all the possibilities. We must accept in consciousness that abundance and fulfillment can come from anywhere.
The change may be small at first, such as an additional assignment from your boss in which you could demonstrate your intelligence and creativity. You might find that if you don’t treat a co-worker like they’re the enemy, a noticeable change in behavior may occur. Whatever the change may be, accept and rejoice in it. You’re not alone. You are the change. The Power that created you has given you the power to create your own experiences!”
“You know that you’re successful in all that you do. You’re inspired and productive. You serve others willingly and gladly. Divine harmony reigns supreme within and around you and within and around each and every person in your workplace.
If you like your job but feel that you’re not getting paid enough, then bless your current salary with love. Expressing gratitude for what you have now enables your income to grow. And please, absolutely no more complaining about the job or your co-workers. Your consciousness put you where you are now. Your changing consciousness can lift to you a better position. You can do it!”

“Affirmations for Work

Make these affirmations part of your daily routine. Say them often in the car, at work, while looking in the mirror, or anytime you feel your negative
beliefs surfacing.

I deserve to have a successful career, and I accept it now.
I enjoy the work I do and the people I work with.
I am always relaxed at work.
When I encounter problems on the job, I am willing to ask for help.
The joy I find in my career is reflected in my overall happiness.
My work is recognized by everyone.
I am grateful for this employment.
I turn every experience into an opportunity.
All my supervisors treat me with love and respect.
I am capable, competent, and in the perfect place.
I see the best in everyone, and they respond in kind.
My thoughts create a wonderful new opportunity.
Everything I touch is a success.
New doors are opening all the time.
I am open and receptive to new avenues of income.”

“Another thing that can keep you from prospering is being dishonest. Whatever you give out comes back to you. Always. If you take from Life, then Life will take from you. It’s that simple. You may feel that you don’t steal, but are you counting the paper clips and stamps you’re taking home from the office? Or are you a person who steals time or robs others of respect—or perhaps steals relationships? All these things count and are a way of saying to the Universe: “I don’t really deserve the good in life. I have to sneak it and take it.”

Become aware of the beliefs that may be blocking the flow of money in your life. Then change those beliefs and begin to create new, abundant thinking. Even if no one else in your family has done this, you can open your mind to the concept of money flowing into your life. If you want to prosper, then you must use prosperity thinking.

There are two prosperity affirmations that I’ve used for many years, and they work well
for me. They’ll also work for you. They are:

“My income is constantly increasing,”
“I prosper wherever I turn.”

“Affirmations for Money and Prosperity

Make these affirmations part of your daily routine. Say them often in the car, at work, while looking in the mirror, or anytime you feel your negative
beliefs surfacing.

I live in a loving, abundant, harmonious universe, and I am grateful.
I am a magnet for money. Prosperity of every kind is drawn to me.
I am worthy of having money in the bank.
My income is constantly increasing.
Today money comes to me in expected and unexpected ways.
My credit rating is getting better all the time.
I spend money wisely.
I always have as much as I need.
I have as much money as I can accept.
I bless all of my bills with love. I pay them on time.
I am always financially solvent.
I am joyfully providing for my retirement.
I enjoy saving, and I spend in balance.
I delight in the financial security that is a constant in my life.
I give myself permission to prosper.”

“Affirmations for Stress-free Living

I let go of all fear and doubt, and life becomes simple and easy for me.
I create a stress-free world for myself.
Irelax all of my neck muscles, and I let go of any tension in my shoulders.
I slowly breathe in and out, and I find myself relaxing more and more with each breath.
I am a capable person and I can handle anything that comes my way.
I am centered and focused. I feel more secure each day.
I am even-tempered and emotionally well balanced.
I am at ease with myself, and I am at ease with other people.
I am safe when I express my feelings. I can be serene in any situation.
I have a wonderful relationship with my friends, family members, and co-workers. I am appreciated.
I am comfortable with my finances. I am always able to pay my bills on time.
I trust myself to deal with any problems that arise during the day.
I let go of all negativity that rests in my body and mind.
I am in the process of making positive changes in all areas of my life.
I have the strength to remain calm in the face of change.”

“Love who and what you are and what you do. Laugh at yourself and at life, and nothing can touch you. It’s all temporary anyway. Next lifetime you will do it differently anyway, so why not do it differently right now?”

“As we learn to use affirmations, we may also be drawn to adopt a more holistic approach to living. The holistic philosophy is to nurture and nourish
the entire being—the Body, the Mind, and the Spirit. If we ignore any of these areas, we are incomplete; we lack wholeness. It doesn’t matter where we start as long as we also include the other areas.

If we begin with the body, we would want to work with nutrition, to learn the relationship between our choice of food and beverages, and how they
affect the way we feel. We want to make the best choices for our body. There are herbs and vitamins, homeopathy and Bach Flower Remedies.

We would want to find a form of exercise that appeals to us. We might want to explore some form of body work such as Rolfing, Heller Work or Trager. Massage, foot reflexology, acupuncture, or chiropractic work are all beneficial, as well. There is also the Alexander Method, Bioenergetics, Feldenkrais, Touch for Health, and Reiki forms of body work.

With the mind, there are lots of psychological techniques: Gestalt, hypnosis, rebirthing, psychodrama, past-life regressions, art therapy, and even
dream work. Meditation in any of its forms is a wonderful way to quiet the mind and allow your own “knowingness” to come to the surface.

I usually just sit with my eyes closed and say, “What is it I need to know?” and then I wait quietly for an answer. If the answer comes, fine; if it doesn’t, fine. It
will come another day.”

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