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Thoughts on how to map your future in this world

From the moment you are born, your parents think about your future and that soon becomes your thought as well. You experience the pleasure of play and you discover what you like to do most or play about, and that shapes what your passions or hobbies become later in life. You start learning new things and you discover school and you better understand what your parents mean by shaping your future, earning a degree, getting a good paid job and securing a beautiful home. Security. Peace of mind. Success. Wealth. Travel. Money. That is what for most of us mapping our future in this world means. It means to be safe, to have no worries and to be happy, and being financially with power is probably something that translates almost all the time into success and a fruitful well walked map of your future.

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Well, although money can bring you the peace of mind you expect and dream of, it does not necessarily mean that what you work on and what brings you money, is making you happy or is making you feel that you are truly mapping your future in this world. Because to map one’s future in this world is all about leaving your unique footprint in a beautiful, helpful, meaningful and enjoyable way to others. Maybe to your family, maybe to your students, maybe to your co-workers, maybe on a higher scale, as a musician or an artist wishing to change the world, contributing to a better one for the people. For everyone to achieve that sensation of being good, of making a good life, of living a good life behind.

Thoughts on how to map your future in this world

How do you map your future in this world then ? Surely, having a well paid job and the security of that position or power, can impact your decisions and your actions and nonetheless, it brings you closer to being able to do what you actually want to do in this life. Which is what you have been doing ever since you were young, ever since you were a child. Play.

We like to play, we like to enjoy what we work on, we love to have free time and money. Not many enjoy all of this. And sometimes, people tend to have one of them to a larger extend in detriment to another. There is no balance between family and career. It’s either. Career is exterior to ourselves. It’s something we need to acquire to prove ourselves out there and to our own egos. Vocation is something totally different.  It’s freedom. It’s you. It’s family.

Thoughts on how to map your future in this world

One of the most important lessons I learned while studying Psychology, was something about Erich Fromm, called the fear of freedom, by which the author explained how our love and chase for security actually makes us distance ourselves from freedom. The more security you have in your life, the more likely you are to experience the fear of losing it and being needed to start it all over again. Security is the opposition of freedom. When we play, when we do what our core nature voices us to do within, we are free. That voice within is our vocation. Our play. Our true family. When we deny that inner voice and inner call, we are our own prisoners with the comfort of financial reward for not giving in into the play. Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying to not work anymore. I am not saying to not be successful or persue that career you dream of as it will bring you the wealth you need. I am saying in this pursuit of happiness, we forget about ourselves and about our vocation, sometimes even our values get blurred, we get consumed by society’s delusional recent revolution and rebellion against whatever form of sanity and common sense still exists in the fog. And we lose ourselves in this constant fear that we won’t have it, we won’t reach that point and everybody else around us had achieved it, maybe even twice.

Thoughts on how to map your future in this world

You compare yourself with others. With other people, with other friends, with other colleagues, with other managers, with other businesses, always with someone else. We are made to believe we need to focus on our weaknesses to gain confidence that we are perfect. We are made to believe we have flaws that need to be amended. We are hurting ourselves with so many “I am not good enough”s and we lose our sight on how we should actually map our futures so that we can obtain everything that we need and want, not by putting ourselves in more competition with others, thinking about strategies to be better, or to make the others feel underestimated by our powers and greatness, but by collaborating and working together. And by that, I mean, accepting ourselves the way we are, loving ourselves the way we are and making responsible choices towards strenghtening our strenghts and valuing what is our uniqueness and putting it into the world, bringing it together with other people’s uniqueness. Becoming one. We divide ourselves and by that, we divide each of us within ourselves. We map a future that we actually do not like. We map a world we do not know how a good enough future would look like since we are struggling to love it or even accept it. Nothing is good enough. We need better TV’s, we need the latest gadget. We need the latests fashion clothes. We need more of what is outside ourselves. When we should actually be searching for more inside ourselves. That is how the journey to mapping a successful future in this world begins with.

Thoughts on how to map your future in this world

To map your future, you need:

-to know yourself, what you like, what you want, what you don’t like, what you prefer, what your abilities and aptitudes are, what your personality is and how it reacts outside, how you react to change, and much more that is all about You, inside, which reacts into the world.

-to do what you like

-to believe in yourself

-to use daily affirmations, positive language for you and for others

-to work on a plan on how to develop your strenghts and transform them into expertise

-to put that expertise out there

-to be prepared for change and to embrace change

-to love yourself and accept your flaws and forgive yourself

-to make time for yourself and for your passions

Thoughts on how to map your future in this world

Mapping your future is more than just working on a career. To map your future is to constantly learn about yourself, about the world and about your freedom and how you want to manifest it. You already have everything you need. To map your future I find it to be more about the inner world that you create than the outer world. It has to do with what you feel inside is right for you. What brings you peace of mind. What makes you insightful. What makes you manifest your creativity and makes you not fear your flaws. Rather you accept them and you love them, for without them, you, in the form you are know, would not exist.

Thoughts on how to map your future in this world

To map your future you need to love the world in which you want to map a future. You need to nest a beautiful place to allow for the seeds of your greatness to manifest and bloom. You can map your future only if you accept who you are at this point in time, if you love yourself enough to embrace that and I have discovered this recently. I used to drag myself to understand what loving yourself means. I am still working on it. Because you need time to adjust to this new learning.

Your brain loves for you to love yourself. It grows, it develops new ideas for you, it brings you joy and happiness. Bliss is an inner choice. Choose love. Your love. Love yourself and forgive yourself for anything you think you might have done wrong. You did not. Everything you did in whatever form you did it, it was the right one at that particular point in time. As that was how you knew at that time. I am a perfectionist. And have always been. Although I try and work on it, it does not mean that I am always successful at it. And that is part of the process. Accepting that and making sure, you are grateful for everything you have received so far. Even a flaw.

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I believe that in every flaw there is a sense. There is something hidden for you to learn about yourself. There is even something that protects you from something else. For instance, I am a shy person. But that shyness, prevented me so many times to become impulsive. And in this way, saved me from so many “could have been embarrasing stories”. Everything you have so far is a gift. Everything you have got is the force of the universe attracting whatever you need or wish for, in your life. The law of attraction. The affirmations. The positivity. The love. The peace of mind. You are a gift to this world. You are so special and you do not even know how special you are. You deserve to be happy and you deserve all that is good.

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Life has only good things to offer you. Are you ready to receive it ? Are you truly ready to map your future in this world ? Receive the good that’s already in your life. Play with all that you have been given. Enjoy it. Love it. And the universe will make sure to bring you so much more. Offer good around you and you will be rewarded. You are worthy. You are beautiful. You are purity of life, of light, of a tiny, miniature world. An universe of emotions, of behaviours, of patterns, of passions, of will, of power to do good. You are a force who can change the world. Map your future with wisdom, with love, with consideration, with peace, with freedom.

Thoughts on how to map your future in this world

My God, you are so worthy ! Remind yourself of it every morning in the mirror. You are so worthy !