Setting New Year Resolutions

Happy New Year 2016 !

A helpful and enjoyable habit for the New Year is to set your new year resolutions and work on them with goals and actions and most importantly, come up with a plan to follow, to achieve them.

Success defines itself in many ways to each of us, and ultimately, you will realize that it actually refers to how you want to feel and how you feel at the end of the journey.

Danielle LaPorte speaks about this so beautiful in her books “The Fire Starter” and “The Desire Map”, and recently I have discovered that Mimi Ikonn from Youtube as well is basing most of her life on this concept.

This is very simple. Answer this question: How do you want to feel ?

New Year Resolutions

I can give you examples of how I want to feel to be happy, to feel happy and successful: financially independent, free, calm, relaxed, inspired, loving, full of kindness, content, joyful, in the present, playful, beautiful, in harmony with the universe, healthy,  divinely blessed, which I am, more grateful for everything that I have received so far, more present. 

New Year Resolutions

When you are working on your New Year Resolutions this weekend, when writing your goals, your actions and your plans, keep in mind, how do you want to feel at accomplishing it, and how do you want to feel while living the journey. It will shift your mindset, it will bring more awareness in your life and it will bring more peace, more gratitude and more joy to experience and live by daily. It will be your daily, weekly, monthly favorite feeling. 

You can also start backwards. How do you want to feel each day ? 

Repovesi National Park in Finland

What activities or actions can you take in order for you to feel that ? 

Monthly Garden Visit 3

What can you start doing right now to experience that feeling ? 

Georgyana Vision

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In the book “The firestarter”, Danielle LaPorte highlights the importance of having a glory boarding. In order to feel more satisfied with what you are doing and to gain confidence that what you are planning is meaningful and it will bring eventually your type of success to feel happy, you have to write down your victories so far and to “sing your praises”. She says: “Go back as far in your life as you need to for evidence of greatness. This is your resume of wonder.” 

How beautiful is that ?

New Year Resolutions

She offers examples of verbs to fill in with emotions, with actions, with thoughts, with blissful moments, with your accomplishments. Let me write these verbs below for you to complete the sentence of your wonderful life so far. 


Inspired …..

Launched ….

Earned …. 

Graduated …. 

Wrote …. 

Produced ….

Raised ….

Wrangled …. 

Traveled …. 

Motivated …. 

Sold ….

Bought …. 

Gave ….

Made …..

Won …..

Organized ….

Transformed ….

Discovered ….

Keep going. What else have you done, created or been ?

New Year Resolutions

I feel that worksheet is so precious because in the same way you can use it for your past achievements, you can be creative and use it for your new year resolutions planning, by putting the verbs in the future. Say what you are going to be, to do and to create this year: 

In 2016, you will be : 

Inspiring …. 

Launching …. 

Earning …. 

Graduating ….

Writing ….

Producing ….

Raising ….

Wrangling ….

Travelling ….

Motivating ….

Selling ….

Buying ….

Giving ….

Making ….

Winning ….

Organizing ….

Transforming ….

Discovering ….

I know you are aware by now about the SMART actions and goals. Be specific for each sentence. This will make you gain clarity over how to achieve it and be determined to work on it. 

New Year Resolutions

How do you want to feel at the end of 2016 ? Start with the end in mind and the puzzle will be revealed to you. 

I wish you an amazing New Year, full of beautiful feelings, full of beautiful thoughts, full of beautiful actions, full of beautiful moments, full of beautiful people, full of beautiful energy, full of beautiful accomplishments, full of YOU ! 

And remember !  “Something beautiful is on your way … “

Robbie Williams

Happy, Peaceful, Blissful New Year, you ! 

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