Favorite things about 2015

2015 was a good year for me. There are plenty of things to talk about and include them in my favorites. However, I would like to share with you the most relevant favorite and useful things learned, acquired or discovered throughout 2015.

I feel you should not leave 2015 until you have been through the following:

Best Book Read So Far – Station 11, by Emily St. John Mandel

Station 11 Emily St John Mandel

This will take you to a fascinating journey exploring life after a major disease killing the vast majority of people on Earth. It will transport you back in time and at the end you will start enjoying so much more life, and all that it offers: internet, electricity, clean water, civilization, everything that today we have for granted, and in the past it was a luxury. You will see this is like nothing that you have ever read before.

Explanations about your acne on your face, and its connection to your health

acne and its connection to your health

1 and 3 – digestion. You need to drink more water and eat more whole foods. It may also be a food intolerance (either milk or gluten)

2 – it is your liver and it addresses issues like too much alcohol drinking, too much dairy food consumption

4 and 10 – kidneys – you need to reduce caffeine

5 and 9 – problems with respiratory system. Quit smoking as an example of clearing the area or start an antihistamine regimen

6 and 8 – kidneys again, drink more water and diminish your dark circles

7 – if you get inflammations on your nose, then your blood pressure is too high

12 – chin breakouts are regulated by hormones and tend to freak out before and after your period

11 and 13 – the corners of your mouth connect to the ovaries, and often break out during menstruation

14 – it indicates stress if you break out on your neck

Best moisturizer ever created – Vision Millenium Neo Gel

Millenium Neo Gel Vision

This was the best discovery of 2015. Although I knew about it for a long time, I finally decided to give it a go and I was blown away by its efficiency and balance and healthiness it offers to my skin and it helps to solve the problems and acne above mentioned.

What made me choose this over tons of other products alike on the market is that the brand Vision offered an explanation of something that happened to me (which is called a “rollback”). Let me enlighten you as well:

Most careful and reasonable beauties choose anti-age cosmetic products, a wide range of which is available in beauty shops and pharmacies. But sadly, there are not much that are really effective among them. Those that seem to be most effective at first sight contain hormones. After the first application of the magic serum skin becomes smooth right away, but every time you use it again the effect becomes less pronounced. Besides, such products may be addictive and their cancellation even for a shot period of time leads to a profound deterioration of skin. Sometimes the “rollback” is so dramatic that skin starts looking older than it was before the application of the “magic product”.

Other rejuvenating creams are “fair players” but they fight solely with the consequences of aging—dehydration and elasticity loss without really addressing the causes, i.e. free radicals that play an immediate role in the wrinkle formation process. While these “free” ones are free, neither moistening, nor nourishing and vitamins can help to win the fight for youthfulness and freshness.

Millenium Neo Gel Vision

Vision specialists approached the problem of rejuvenation thoroughly: a totally new product developed by French scientists of Arkopharma and Vision DEM4 laboratory, the rejuvenating gel-antioxidant Millenium Neo, is a truly revolutionary anti-ageing product in European cosmetology.

It is hard to believe, but the rejuvenation process starts immediately after the first application of Millenium Neo gel and the impressively unmistakable result comes in five to seven days. Just in a month the skin tone and elasticity improves, wrinkles smooth out (including the most problematic ones on the neck), edema reduces and the facial contours become sharp.

You can read all the benefits it offers this exquisite product here. 

Best life inspiration came from: Pinterest 

These are important to look at every day, this way you will experience gratitude, more peace and calm and overall enjoy your experience on this Planet more 🙂

Life inspiration
Source: refinery29.com

Life inspiration

I am not weird I am limited edition
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Bloom where you are planted
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A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it
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No one is too old for fairytales
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weekly favorites
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Weekly favorites
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Best of 2015
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Best of 2015
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Best of 2015
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life inspiration again


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de  Courge_TheFreshExchange
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just breathe httptheberry.com
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 These actually can be taken as resolutions to work on in 2016. 

In 2015 I have joined Vision International People Group as an Independent Distributor which means I get to work with people and beautiful, helpful and natural based products for boosting your health. That is how I managed to get my hands on Millenium Neo Gel, as I had the chance to get more information on it and purchase it.

2015 for me, was also a year in which I have re-learned how to enjoy nature and all its benefits.

Nature is therapy
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Nature is therapy

Best of 2015
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What are your wishes for 2016 ? 

wishes from flickr
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Georgyana Vision

And again, looking back, what were your favorite things about 2015 ?