Life Advice from The Signature of All Things – Part I

“The Signature of All Things” was written by Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of “Big Magic” a couple of years ago and I recently finished reading it, having had a wonderful experience with it and I would like to share with you the life advice learned through it.

“If one wanted to continue living and if one wanted to ultimately prosper, then anything that can be learned, should be learned.”


“Do not be bold. You can butcher the sheep only once. But if are careful, you can shear the sheep every year.”

“Henry had no idea what the man was talking about, but he stayed silent. He had learned in the past 4 years to speak only when he knew that which he was speaking about. Moreover, he had learned that silence can sometimes relax a listener into thinking that one might be intelligent.”

“Be tight with your money. The less you indulge yourself now, the more you can indulge yourself in the future, when you have made your fortune.”


“The only accurate word for their union was a Dutch word, a business word: partenrederji – a partnership based on honest trade and plain dealing, where tomorrow’s profits are a result of today’s promises and where the cooperation of both parties equally contributes to prosperity.”

“The basis of every one of Henry Whittaker’s calculations was I shall win!, and invariably he did win.”

“A parent is inexcusable who does not personally teach her child to think.”


“Good behavior should be expected, not rewarded.”

“The world is a fool who longs to be tricked. There is a mighty gap between the idiots and the clever and one must come down on the side of cleverness. To show a longing for anything that one cannot have, for instance, is not a clever position.”

“Not everything has an answer.”


“Beauty is not required. Beauty is accuracy’s distraction.”

“Any child who was old enough to walk, speak, and reason ought to be able – without any further assistance – to comfort herself.”

“The more money one has, the better people’s manner become. It is a notable fact.”


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