Luxury Tea Christmas Gift Guide

Do you have friends or family who love to drink tea or that are tea persons?

I have a gift guide selection of luxury teas to offer them as presents for this Christmas.

The packaging is outstanding and it goes for a woman as well as it goes for a man. This is exquisite, it looks so attracting and if I would receive this as a gift, I would be feeling that I have received an unique Christmas present!

Organic green tea chateau rouge

The teas Chateau Rouge offer are award winning, blended and packed in England. They also source “exciting taste sensations” and the majority of the teas are organic and have the organic soil certification for the teas sourced.

organic herbal tea chateau rouge

Just take a look at the exquisite packaging and the details that make it so luxurious !

Imperial earl grey black tea
Jasmine green tea
Wild honeybush tisane
White monkey green tea
Green oolong tea
Sikkim temi black tea
Long cut rooibos tisane tea

Not only that you will enjoy an exquisite taste, but I think the experience of this tea is truly exceptional and it will be a memorable gift for a tea lover! It would nevertheless be for me!


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