What would your life be like if you only did what was easy ?

One of my favorite authors of wisdom and personal development is Danielle LaPorte. I discovered her in 2012 and ever since I have been hooked.

In one of her videos she asks us, to put the following question to ourselves:

What would your life be like if you only did what was easy ?

It refers to doing and working on activities and working environments that come naturally to you. As Danielle puts it in her words “gracefully, easy”, something that allows your inner genius to shine out.

And I was recently thinking about what many of the corporations instigate employees to do, which is “get out of your comfort zone”. I used to agree with it, and I still do, but to an extent and the limit here for me would cover the hobbies part. Everything related to work has a limit.


Getting out of your comfort zone everyday to do “x” task and “n” task or to try to achieve something in a different way that is totally “out of your comfort zone” is disturbing. It’s stressful. It’s hard and difficult and it is not adventurous, it is not making life easier on you. On the contrary, it puts you in a situation that shows your weaknesses probably, or that makes you look odd or as that Snickers commercial would pinpoint it “it’s not you when you’re hungry”. And you are hungry for easiness, for doing things as you feel it is natural for you and mostly efficient, you want to do things fast and good and easy, which is what makes you feel you have done a good job.

Doing something that is easy for you is the opposite of getting out of the comfort zone, which is stressful. Maybe you have a different opinion, but just take a moment and think about it. When you are forced to work on your weaknesses rather than improving your strengths, in which situation do you feel at your best ?

So how would your life be if you only did what was easy to you ?

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