Real 50 Shades of Grey

Writer and children’s book illustrator Ingrid Sundberg has created a Color Thesaurus – a collection of 12 color charts that list the correct names of all shades. It is an useful reference tool for anyone interested in arts and everyone loving colors, like me.

So check them out below !

white shades

I think it is so sophisticated to name a color of a different item, such as a piece of clothing or jewelry as having a pearl color or porcelain color. Or ivory color. Love it !

pink shades

From this range I like very much the watermelon color, the rosewood and taffy colors.

brown shades

Now this is useful for hair colors. My hair color is a combination of umber, mocha and pecan. It sounds like a desert 🙂

green shades

Green is one of my favorite colors. Therefore all its shades are my preferred colors !

light yellow shades

Don’t you love the latte color or the macaroon color ?

red shades

Well, this is going to be useful when purchasing lipsticks, although many of the lipsticks have names that resound in a way or another to a specific shade of “rouge”.

blue shades

The ocean color is so exquisite !

purple shades

Now this is the second preferred color, and every shade of it is so beautiful! I especially enjoy the mulberry, the wine and the eggplant.

black shades

Who said black is a non-color ?

yellow shades

I start to think that I enjoy more the name of the shade of the color than the color itself 🙂

grey shades

And take a look at this. It’s just 20 shades of grey.

May I remind you to bookmark this page for your future references and purchases 🙂

Images courtesy of Ingrid Sundberg.

More shades of colors are to be found in my newest post – Birthday colors!

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