The mind blowing nature therapy

I recently had a read through the book called “The Signature of all Things” by the lovely Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of “Eat, pray, love” and most recent book named “The Big Magic” (on which I wish to get my hands on asap!) and here are some excerpts to help you shape more into your mind and spirit the health benefits of various plants and herbs.

therapy with nature

“Jacob Boehme (…) who had mystical visions about plants was (…) an early botanist (…) and believed in something he called

– namely, that God had hidden clues for humanity’s betterment inside the design of every flower, leaf, fruit, and tree on earth. All the natural world was a divine code, Boehme claimed, containing proof of our Creator’s love. This is why so many medicinal plants resembled the diseases they were meant to cure, or the organs they were able to treat.

Basil, with its liver-shaped leaves, is the obvious ministration for ailments of the liver.

Walnuts, shaped like brains, are helpful for headaches. And so on, ad infinitum.”

nature is health

“God had pressed Himself into the world, and had left marks there for us to discover.”

nature is therapy forever

If you love anything enough, it will eventually show you its secrets.

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