Searching for Luxury Tea

I grew up with my grandma’s herbal teas and their boosting health effects and always wanted to know more about the herbs and plants that are so important in our lives and we do not appreciate as much as we should. And so, I became passionate about tea.

There is something you need to know about me: I never put sugar or honey or milk in the tea I drink. Tea was created to be enjoyed without any of these unnecessary adjustments that actually can be harmful for your health if you do not know how to properly make use of it. If the tea is too hot and you put honey, the honey will become toxic for your body. If you put milk in tea, the combination becomes indigestible and it can even create the exact opposite of what you actually hope to achieve by drinking tea. I am not going to say nothing more about sugar, as only the word describes its non-sense in using it.

My experience with enjoying and loving tea grew each year and even though I do not consider myself an expert or anything alike, I do like to try out new luxury teas that come on the market, simply because I want to taste the world, to taste the real tea and take advantage of the comfort and healthiness provided through this awesome drink.

Searching for luxury tea is a personal experience and I am hoping you will learn new things about it through this blog posts and my recommendations to you.